One of my favourite music programs is the Later with Jools Holland show and I am so happy to have a station that airs it again.  I have my DVR set to record the episodes every week.  The funny thing is, sometimes the bands I think I will enjoy don’t do it for me.  And sometimes, I think, wow, I am going to just skip through this episode real quick and end up finding something I have never heard of that is a pleasant surprise.  So, I would like to take a moment to thank Jools Holland (whose piano prowess is a pleasure in and of itself) for introducing me to some things new:

First off, Foals.  Had not heard of them.  The two songs they played on Jools were great: Inhaler and My number.  The thing that struck me about Foals is they sound like everything and nothing else at the same time.  Inhaler had bits that were reminiscent of the Cure and Soundgarden (?!) and My Number kind of has a Two Door Cinema Club/Vampire Weekend meets the Cure/80’s pop feel to it.  There are bits throughout that remind me of all sorts of references, but combined it sounds like no one else.  Pretty cool accomplishment.  Is that not how music and art evolve?

My Number

Another great thing about Jools is the diversity of music presented.  Take for example Canadian (hurrah!) Erik Mongrain.  I don’t have patience for guitar wankers but this is in a different league altogether. This is bloody amazing!

And then there are the oldies, with a twist.  I totally love this version of Glen Campbell covering the Foo Fighters.  Great voice still, and still plays a mean guitar (check out Galveston on the same show).

So, if you get a chance, check out Jools and maybe find a new song or two to love.  I leave you with Foals-Inhaler