It was a beautiful day in Seattle yesterday, so I took the opportunity to head down early and walk around a bit. Seems like TLF guitarist Tony Ruland had the same idea as we passed him on the street at least 3 times. When we all finally gathered inside the legendary Crocodile Cafe, the sun had gone down, but the heat remained. And by the time the Lonely Forest took the stage, they turned it up even further. I have seen this band a number of times over the last few years and I have to say the energy and set list last night was among the best of any of their shows I have attended.

One of the things that makes this band great is their live performance. They have an energy live that just doesn’t get fully captured on their recordings. Mixing up the set with selections from their recently re-released lp “We sing the body electric,” 2011’s “Arrows” and some selections from their upcoming new album the band blasted through their set to a packed house. In a charming moment, singer John VanDeusen was suddenly taken with a stubborn case of the sniffles. After the opening lines of “Two pink pills” he stopped and asked  someone to fetch him a kleenex, blew his nose, and then rather than start the song over, the band picked up where they left off.  The other strengths of this band include great songs, and a killer drummer, Bradyn Krueger. (Actually I came to hear of TLF because my former co-worker is his cousin).

Minneapolis band Now, Now and fellow Anacortesians (?) BellaMaine opened up.  It was the last day of the tour for label-mates Now, Now and TLF and  the mutual admiration society was in full swing.  Near the end of  TLF’s set, Now Now singer Cacie came out and applied lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara to VanDeusen.  Continuing the feminine theme, Ruland appeared for the band’s encore sporting a strapless gold lame dress (it was prom night in Seattle).  It was a bit of a channeling Kurt Cobain kind of moment (or he lost a bet, take your pick).  The scary thing is, he rocked the dress. But Tony, we need to talk about those boat shoes.

Look for The Lonely Forest’s album “Adding up the wasted hours” coming soon.

Thanks to my buddy Shantel for the photo.

Thanks to my buddy Shantel for the photo.

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